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Friday, October 18, 2013

Toy Story of Terror Review

Toy Story is arguably Pixar's greatest movie series. It has fantastic characters, great humor, and never fails to be engaging for viewers of all ages. It's been three years since the critically acclaimed third movie came out. It had a proper closing, with Andy growing up and heading to college. He gave his toys away to a little girl named Bonnie, who would have more use for them now that he's older. This Halloween special is the first canon thing where we get to see what the toys are up to. My only complaint is that in ends too soon!

The story follows the toys whom gets taken to a hotel with Bonnie and her mom. Things get pretty spooky when Potato-Head leaves and doesn't come back. Soon the toys start getting 'picked off' one by one. In the end, Jessie will have to face her fear of being enclosed in a box. First, I gotta give credit to Pixar for producing a short that could have easily been drawn out to be a movie. It has the same level of quality and humor as the films.

The writing is fantastic, every character has their appropriate lines. My personal favorite is when while watching a Dracula-like movie on TV, Buzz Lightyear comments, saying the woman should use the things around her as weapons. The story succeeds in having a Halloween spooky atmosphere. I'm sure all the young kids watching it got a jump when the toys were slowly getting picked off. Jessie has a pretty big role. It's interesting cause she has box-phobia. So while this is a Halloween special, it's also a story showing that you should face you fears.

There are a few toys exclusive to here. There's Combat Carl, (technically he appeared in the first film) who rescues Jesse from the lizard. He's a pretty cool G.I. Joe/Action Man parody. He's the one that encourages Jessie to face her fear. There are a few other notable toys in the glass container, but the highlight was the Transformers-like one, Transitron. He has a great robotic voice and fantastic lines. These toys would be good additions for a fourth film.

Overall, Toy Story of Terror is a fantastic special. I hope this opens the door to more specials. A TV series headed by the same team could also prove to be a great addition to ABC's lineup. This is a must-see for any Toy Story fan.


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  1. Definitely sounds pretty intense! Buzz is easily my favorite Toy Story character so I'm hoping that he gets his props. A new TV show would be pretty cool as long as it's handdrawn and not CGI