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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Latest Figure Hauls: Bandai Godzilla Jr. and Bandai Showa King Ghidorah

Two figures in one? How awesome. Technically these guys came a few days ago, but I didn't write up the article because it was my birthday yesterday. But here we are now. First off, Godzilla Jr. This is the Movie Monsters one, cool little figure.

This guy came came in a Bandai pack featuring Titanosaurus, Hyper Gyaos, Showa Anguirus, and Jet Jaguar. All that for $77. Now I already had everyone save Jr, so the rest go up for sale. Titanosaurus alone will fetch like $70, so it'll be a good profit.

Ah, this is the big one folks. I managed to win a Bandai Showa Ghidorah. Bandai has made only one figure of the Showa version back in 1984, which has been reissued a few times. For a figure that was made that long ago, the detail is incredible.

The three heroes take on the King of Terror


  1. Selling figures :O Pretty cool, if you already own them you may as well I suppose. Glad to see Godzilla pwning as per usual

  2. Replies
    1. I gotta see The Return of Godzilla and Biollante again before doing it.