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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Latest Figure Hauls: Bandai King Kong and Mechani Kong

Ebay can be a very controversial place sometimes. But often you can find some good buys in there. These two figures I've been wanting to buy for a long time, they're classics every collector should have. I had run into a few auctions from the seller that was selling these guys. He was selling a Godzilla 2000, Kamacuras, Godzilla Junior, among other cool Bandais. But what had caught my eye was the tagged Mechani Kong. Ever since watching King Kong Escapes, I was a huge fan of this guy. C'mon, a robot King Kong? He's just awesome. His figure also looked pretty fantastic, I've been wanting to buy him especially. Plus it featured the tag, it's hard to find the old Bandais with their tags at decent prices. I was going to go all-out for this bid, and it looked like for awhile it wasn't going to go too high. Then the seller listed a Bandai King Kong with the tag. I kept that under the watch list, I personally didn't think I was going to get that one also, since I've seen the tagged ones go for up to $200. (Not a joke, just look it up at Tempting Toys and Collectibles.) As the bids approached the end date, they hadn't reached too high of numbers. On Friday it was time to bid on the King Kong, which had gone up to about $55. At around the 35 second mark, I put a bid at $60, became the high bidder and put a max of $95. (That was my limit on both figures.) As the heart-racing seconds went by, the numbers went up to $86 at around the three second mark, and then zero. I won the tagged King Kong for $86. I was pretty impressed with myself, probably one of my best buys. Now here's the ironic part...later on in the Mechani Kong bid, it was up to $75. I was going to wait until the final five seconds to put a bid at $95, but apparently someone else had the same idea, cause at the final five second mark someone put a bid for $96, so I ended up losing the Mechani Kong. The ironic part is that the main point was to win Mechani with the King Kong only being a loose chance, but it ended up being the other way around. So that same night I glumly ordered a no-tagged one for $80. Glumness aside, it's truly great to have these guys. First off, King Kong.

You know, I've seen this guy in a lot of pictures online, I thought I wasn't going to be too impressed with it. It has proven me wrong, the figure is fantastic in person. I thought the two would be a little bigger, but it doesn't matter, the size is fine. My only minor complaint here is the eyes, it's all white with no pupils. It's like he belongs in GMK. According to pretty much everyone, the figure has a hairstyle very similar to Elvis Presley. Well they're definitely right, maybe Bandai had him in mind when molding the figure. And just cause I feel like bragging, here's the attached tag. (I think they should have put Kong on it instead of the jungle and lettering, maybe make a custom sticker for it too.)

Now for Mechani Kong.

The figure isn't mint condition since I bought it used, but it's in very good condition, and that's enough. There's really no complaints here, it matches his movie counterpart 100%. A fine figure. All in all, these guys were definitely worth the prices I got them for. Getting a tagged King Kong for $86 may be my second greatest figure buy right next to getting a tagged Gorosaurus for $70.

The cast from King Kong Escapes

King Kong vs. Godzilla!

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