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Monday, February 6, 2012

Battlezone: Goku vs. Superman

Ah, Goku vs. Superman. This is a fan favorite in the fan-fic world. Many think of these two as some of the strongest beings in all of existence. I've read a bunch of fan-fic fights with these two, it's interesting on how diverse everyone thinks. Both are strong, both are fast, and both are extremely powerful. So in this addition of Battlezone, I'm going to say who I think would win. I probably won't change anyone's minds, but I'm here to establish my opinion on the matter. Let's get on with it.

Goku vs. Superman

THE PLACE: A simple grassland toward the West. It is quiet, dead quiet. That is changed when a blur of blue and red zooms across the land. Superman was use to the loudness of the city, since he resided in the famous Metropolis. He did, however, prefer the quiet. It reminded him of Smallville. His super hearing detected something. He stopped flying and saw a blur of orange and black zooming toward him. The figure stopped a few inches in front of him. He had a orange karate-like suit, and large spiky black hair. His muscles told Superman that this was no ordinary fighter.

Goku had arrived.

The Saiyan held out his hand and spoke.

"You must be Superman! You're a legend even out here, my name is Son Goku."

Superman shook the hand, it was refreshing to meet a warrior as who didn't look obsessed with fighting, or was just in it for the fun.

"The honor is all mine Goku."

Both warriors were ready, Superman had his arms crossed while Goku was entering his battle stance. Superman could see that Goku was going to give it his all, he was ready, he had been in big fights before, he remembered his battle with Thor.

Then they went at it.

Superman did a punch. Goku teleported behind him.

"What?!" Superman thought.

Goku slammed Superman to the ground. The latter got up quickly.

"So he has teleportation, there's more to this fighter than meets the eye." He thought.

He then zoomed toward Goku. The latter was taken off guard by how fast Superman was. He knew all about 'faster than a speeding bullet,' but it had not done him justice. Superman had tackled Goku. They both went flying, with Superman landing some good blows. Goku then head-butted Superman. The latter was stunned. Then Goku telepoted a few feet behind himself. He shot an energy blast.

"He can shoot energy blasts too?!" Superman thought.

He evaded the blast, then he saw Goku pull his hands back.


Superman at first didn't get what was happening, then he saw some kind of energy emitting from Goku's hands. He zoomed toward him.

"HAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!" Goku shouted.

He unleashed his Kamehameha. Superman was struck by it. Suddenly it was silent. Goku wondered if maybe he shouldn't have used such a powerful attack. A blast of heat vision answered that. Goku was struck by it, but wasn't fazed. Out of the smoke came out Superman, who then laid a punch that sent Goku banging against the ground. He stood up. Superman was in the air. Goku smirked.

"It looks like base form won't be enough, I'll have to use Super Saiyan."

"Super what?"

Goku answered that by transforming. A yellow aura surrounded him. Superman sensed great power emitting from it. Goku's hair turned bright yellow. He was now in Super Saiyan mode. He teleported in front of a surprised Superman and sent him flying against a hill. He was stunned by how powerful the blow was, then he saw Goku teleport above him. He shot an energy blast. Superman flew to the side, then Goku tackled him. This time Superman was ready. He grabbed Goku and threw him to the ground. Superman then shot a blast of heat vision. Goku teleported behind and grabbed him. Superman countered with a backwards headbutt. Goku let go, but didn't attack. Superman turned around. The Super Saiyan spoke.

"I've got to hand it to you Superman, the stories were right, you are tough. I'm going to have to use Super Saiyan 2, something I thought I wouldn't have to do. Let's do it!"

Yellow aura surrounded Goku. The ground shook beneath them.

"Great Caesar's ghost! Is there no end to his power?" Superman thought.

Goku's hair had grown longer, he was now in Super Saiyan 2 mode. Superman knew that he was going to have to use his full power. He hardly ever uses his full power, for he fears that unleashing it could harm people around him. Alas, there were none for many miles, it was just him and Goku.

He got ready.

Goku sensed a great power rising in Superman. That's when he realized it: Superman had been holding back the entire time. Goku shot an energy blast. Superman slapped it aside and flew toward Goku. Goku did the same. They both punched. Both fists collided, creating a huge tremor that was felt for miles. Goku punched, Superman blocked. The latter kicked. Goku grabbed it, then Superman shot heat vision. It took Goku off guard for but a moment, but Superman took it to lay multiple blows. Goku was quick too, and began to counter them.

Punch kick punch grab punch kick grab headbutt grab back-kick beam block slam heat-vision energy-blast EXPLOSION.

After the smoke cleared, two tired warriors stood standing. Superman's cape was destroyed, and his costume tattered. Goku stood, panting, with his costume tattered. Goku stood up, then a large yellow aura surrounded him. His hair grew even longer. He had entered Super Saiyan 3 mode. Superman couldn't believe it. Here he was, exhausted, yet this being just got over twice more powerful than before. Superman knew he barely had any strength left, but he wasn't going to give up. He zoomed toward Goku. The latter didn't move. Superman pulled back his fist, and let Goku have it. The latter wasn't fazed at all by the blow. He then hit Superman with a punch of his own. Superman went flying and banged the ground.

He was defeated.

Goku reverted back to base form. He was exhausted, but had enjoyed the fight. Superman was a tough opponent. Goku would head head back to get a Senzu Bean for Superman in a few moments, but this second, this day, he was the victor.


Yes, I went with Goku with this. If you would have asked me this question a few years ago, I probably would have said Superman. But that was before I read Dragon Ball Z. I don't see Superman competing with Goku's power. First of all, let's look at it deeply. If Frieza could blow up the planet in one blast, that means Super Saiyan mode can do that with ease. Then look at Super Saiyan 2. The power increases very much, he could probably blow up three planets with one blast. Then when you look at Super Saiyan're looking at a universe destroyer. So no, I don't see Superman standing up to that.

NEXT WEEK: The King of Monsters battles the Guardian of the Universe.

1 comment:

  1. Well you've done it. You've made the fight that won't be surpassed. Goku and Superman are just too cool. One thing, didn't you say that each fighter gets a week to prepare and are informed of their opponents abilities? Then why is Superman surprised by all of Goku's attacks?

    Also just to help Goku even more. I'm pretty sure SSJ is 50X normal power SSJ2 is 2X SSJ and SSJ3 is 4X SSJ2.

    Well definitely your best fight. I'll be looking foward to the next one