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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My Most Anticipated Movie of the Decade

Ah, the Avengers. A movie I, and the rest of the comic community have always dreamed of. Let's face it, the Avengers has always been the thing that we thought would never hit the cinema.

Then Marvel Studios launched their universe with Iron Man in 2008.

Thus began what is known as the "Marvel Cinematic Universe." I would always play with my old Marvel Legends action figures, pretending it was a movie, never thinking that for one moment something big as the Avengers could hit the theater. I was wrong, and glad. Watching the events unfold in Iron Man was truly something else, but the after-credits scene was what got me and the rest of fan base shouting for joy. Hearing the words "Avenger Initiative" was something else. Sadly, I saw the leaked version a few weeks before I saw it in the theater, wish I could go back in time and switch that for more of a surprise. After the credits, some of the theater staff even walked in and said we'll have to wait four more years for Avengers. Talk about hype.

Doesn't seeing that picture make you die from anticipation? Seeing Cap there in the front, with Iron Man and Thor doing their thing, Here we have all of them together, not from a comic book, but from the film. Iron Man 2 came out two years after the first, and the after-credits scene there with Thor's hammer was truly awesome. Marvel was truly hyping this up. Then the following year both Thor AND Captain America released. (Sorry DC, you were destroyed this summer.) In Thor, we have Loki who is set up for Avengers as the villain. Then in Cap, it truly begins. We even got a trailer.

I, a longtime Marvel Comics fan, still to this day cannot believe it is happening. Currently, the rumors persist on what the other threat is. Skrulls, a monster.....or something else. We'll know soon enough. Seeing all of the characters come together under one shared universe is going to be something I'll never forget.

But it is not my most anticipated movie of the decade.

You're thinking "What?!" Avengers is something I've always wanted to see, but my favorite character has always been Spider-Man. So my most anticipated movie is the Amazing Spi-

No, this is my most anticipated film of the decade.

Yes, GODZILLA. Allow me to explain.

Godzilla is the longest running film series in cinema history, with 28 films starting back in 1954. Giant monsters, outrageous plots and designs, the franchise has evolved from the crazy Showa era, to the serious Heisei, to the modern Millennium. The three main things I grew up with were Marvel, Godzilla, and Mario. Over the past years I've grown a great fondness and complete loyalty to the Godzilla franchise. Revisiting films, analyzing everything.....I am the definition of a hardcore Godzilla fan. When it was announced that he will be getting a new theatrical film, I didn't know what to think. The first thing that hit me was "Awesome!" Then I saw that Legendary Studios would be doing it. America failed to bring the big G to American audiences last time, back in 98. Over the past couple of months, I have gained faith in this film. They specifically said that they will not be doing something like the 98 film. AND the real kicker is that the big G will fight another monster. That's what set the news for me. With today's effects, a giant monster brawl would be the most epic thing to grace the big screen.

One thing that I'm still unsure about is the director. Gareth Edwards, the directer of low-budget film MONSTERS. Now, I saw that thing last year, and I didn't like it all that much. It was a good film, but the title is misleading in that the actual movie is a drama masquerading as a monster movie. Based on interviews, the director seems to know what he's doing, I want to see a lot of monster destruction, it's why we're all here. He seems to get that so far from what I'm hearing.

And finally, this will be my first Godzilla film in the theater. Watching Thor in the IMAX really got me thinking how awesome a Godzilla film would look.

Overall, the Avengers is by far a film I'm dying to see, but it's Godzilla's return to the movie world I'm most looking forward to. Well, thanks for reading this little post of mine.

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  1. Avengers just continues to look like it's going to be awesome.